Public projects

A collection of personal and university projects

Project name Description Language Progress Link
fastHistory 2.0 A python tool connected to your terminal to store important commands and search them in a new and faster way Python Details
Security Header crawler A crawler to collect security headers from a set of websites Python Details
Py-keylogger Simple Keylogger for Linux Python Details
CSP Repor Proxy Retrofitting Web Applications with a CSP-Injecting Proxy (Master's Thesis) Python+JS+SQL Slides
Sheepland An online multiplayer board game (University) Java Details
MeteoCal An online calendar with an integrated weather service (University) Java Details
ValigiaMi Android app to create the perfect luggage for your travels Java Project in pause
Hypermedia-Tim A website written in HTML, JS and CSS for the Hypermedia course (University) HTML+JS+CSS Sample

If you have any question or idea about my projects let me know